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Easy Grow should be built as it is providing people with a hands free alternative to growing plants at home in an ever improving ‘ease of use’ society. People will not always want to grow and tend to plants in their home but still may want them around because of the benefits they provide such as improving productivity. 
Our product will measure the temperature, humidity and water levels within the plants surroundings so that it can grow in an optimal environment. The data will be conveyed to the person who is growing their plant so that they can see how it is performing or if for example, the water tank needs refilling.
The problem our product solves
Our product will help the average person maintain plants within their home as it has many benefits to the average person such as improved air quality. Many people fail to keep plants as they die due to improper care, our product takes all the stress away from this with an easy to use automated planting system.


With our product we have faced challenges with designing the product so that the components performing the smart functions for the plant have a home whilst staying away from the dirt/soil and water which will travel through the plant and also be kept within a reservoir. This has to be done all while keeping to a simple design which can house all these with no eye sores and still be a functional automated plant growth system.
There were also some issues with the printing process as on our first time 3D printing there was an error where the top half of the system in which the plant was held was warped and had to be reprinted which has cost some time.