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Opportunistic Timeline

Impact on the Market

The only similar product to ours being widely sold are water irrigation systems in which plants are watered based on a timer through an electronic system or manual ones which slowly drip out water to feed the plant.
Hydroponics are another slightly similar method but for a more specific route of growing plants without soil.
The global hydroponics market is expected to accumulate a revenue of 17 billion by 2024.
There are few automated plant waterers on the market to buy now and various people have constructed their own and uploaded them to YouTube showing them using Arduinos, but these are only based on plant watering, not controlling other variables. Which in different seasons and climates can become a problem.
There are options within hydroponics which have systems that can control other variables like light and temperature, but these are based on plants that do not require soil and instead use other mineral nutrients, this is a lesser-known way of growing plants so this maybe harder for the average person to get into and understand, instead of your average plant which has soil, and everyone has an idea about.

The Future

In the future, we believe we can iterate our current design and make it better through every iteration. Mobile phone integration would be a big step for us as we can use the application to cater for different species of plant effectively. Updates could be pushed to the owners mobile phone as well.
Also, we would also like to spread into the agriculture market and create environments with technological advantages. Large vivarium’s that house many plants and varying species of plant would benefit from a mobile alert etc as having so many plants can be hard to keep track of. Farmers especially would benefit massively from a smart way of growing.