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Empathies - STEAM Challange

Plants are not the main thing on a persons mind, meaning they are easily forgotten, leading to a lack of care such as no water. The large majority of people are too busy to look after a plant correctly. Most people purchase a plant and it is dead within a week at most due to this. Our team know that we can make a difference to this and allow houseplants that would usually go to waste, to flourish and bloom.

Define - Use Case

Thousands of plants die every year due to lack of, or too much water, lack of sunlight and temperature not being ideal. Although automatic plant environments have been created in the past, many are used in an industrial / large scale environment or are very expensive. Our team believed that we could design a product that could prevent household plants becoming neglected, and design a cost effective product at the same time.


Ideate - Solutions

To prevent these issues, we aim to use three main components in our product. Firstly, a moisture monitor and water dispenser will be used to make sure the plant received the correct amount of water needed at all times. Second, temperature sensors that will monitor the environment of the plant. Lastly, we will be able to control the light level. You will be able to view and control all the metrics recorded by the system on an interface.

Prototype - Application

Our Final design contains multiple components including :
  • A water sensor that helps to monitor the moisture of the soil
  • A pump to carry water to the plant, as seen on the images
  • A raspberry pie to store and execute code needed
  • A relay switch to control the power
  • A temperature sensor to see how hot the environment around the plant is
All of these components have been chosen to complete the task and ideas that we have came up with. The design has an area to store water, components and soil separately. The overhead pipe allows water to be evenly distributed around the plant, and onto the soil also. The water reservoir will be situated on the side of the soil for ease of access.

Final Prototype

Test - Results

This is the final, finished product. All factors that we wanted have been added and made it to the final design. We went for a green colour to match the theme of plants and and nature around our project.