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EasyGrow is a compact plant habitat that monitors different factors about the plant like soil moisture, temperature and water levels to allow the plant to grow in an optimal environment. The data can be collected and viewed as needed.

UN Sustainable Goals

sdg 2
sdg 13
sdg 15
Our product is designed to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient for a healthy living environment. This product can benefit many individuals who care for plants but are busy or live in areas that lack natural resources.   

SDG 2 – zero hunger 

This sustainable development goal links to our product due to plants producing our food for people to consume and prevent people who suffer from hunger. 

SDG 13 – climate action

Our product links to SDG 13 to control the plant’s area’s climate, ensuring that the plant stays healthy. This helps the plant to release more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 

SDG 15 – life on land 

Our product links to SDG 13, our product also links to SDG 15 due to the importance of nature providing us with our oxygen weather patterns and food. 

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